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What Is a Branding Session and Why Do You Need One?

Understanding What a Branding Session Is Branding sessions are the modern version of your average headshot. These professional photos can be used for marketing purposes to promote a personal brand, a commercial brand, a service, or product. Unlike traditional headshots, which are usually strictly focused on the face of the individual, branding photos generally give […]

A Magical Santa Experience: Opening Soon! 🎄🎅

The anticipation is building up and we’re thrilled to announce that the 2023 Santa Experience is opening soon! Are you eager to secure a spot for your child and want to make sure you don’t miss out? Be among the first to know when booking will officially open by joining our exclusive Santa email list […]

Understanding The Difference Between Headshots vs Branding Photo Sessions

When it comes to updating your professional business photo, there are two options available: headshots and branding sessions. While their overall idea may seem similar, they actually represent two distinct approaches with unique purposes. Don’t know the difference between the two? Keep reading this blog post as we will delve into each session type, explaining […]

Introducing the Maternity Portrait Experience

The Maternity Portrait Experience is coming to Palm Harbor, Florida this summer. This is a maternity portrait session that combines the art of photography with the pampering delights of a soothing massage, hair and make up, and more. The goal is to take you on a relaxing half-day journey of self-care and celebration. If this […]

Introducing the AFP Branding & Headshots Petite Sessions Event

Have you ever met someone that handed you a business card with a headshot that was clearly taken at least 15 years ago? Or… are you possibly that someone? I get it. Scheduling a time to meet with a photographer to update your headshots can feel like a big commitment. We are all busy running […]

Tampa Bay Best Videographer: Anna Faiola Productions

Tampa Bay Best Videographer: Anna Faiola Productions It is with great honor that we announce that Anna Faiola Productions is the first place winner for Best Videographer in the Tampa Bay area for the 2022 Best of the Bay. How It All Began Anna Faiola started her journey as a videographer back in her middle […]