SBS Mastermind – For Women Entrepreneurs in Tampa Bay

Introducing the Small Business Squad Mastermind, a community built to empower women entrepreneurs in the Tampa Bay, Florida area through collaboration and growth.

The Small Business Squad (SBS) was started by Anna Faiola two years ago as a community for female entrepreneurs. What began as a Reels Workshop has evolved into a much larger project, including content filming events, co-working days, brainstorming sessions, and friendships. This expansion marked the official launch of the SBS. Now, in collaboration with La Femme Institute, the community is growing once again with its latest exciting offering: the SBS Mastermind.

What is the SBS Mastermind?

The SBS Mastermind is a judgment-free community for women entrepreneurs to share, support, and succeed together. The group will meet bi-month on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month starting Jun 12, 2024 from 11:30am-12:30pm at La Femme Institute in Palm Harbor, Florida.

What can I expect from the SBS Mastermind?

The SBS Mastermind is built on three core principles: SUPPORT, EDUCATION, and ACCOUNTABILITY.

1. Support – A Judgement-Free, Team-Like Environment Entrepreneurs often work alone, without that team component found in a corporate setting. This group will provide a a safe and welcoming team-like environment where women entrepreneurs can openly discuss their obstacles, celebrate their wins, and seek advice from like-minded women, ready to uplift and empower them.

2. Education – Monthly Focus Topics for Growth SBS Mastermind believes that continuous learning is key to personal and professional success. Each month, the group introduces a new focus topic, ranging from budgeting and social media planning to mental health in business and beyond. These topics are explored through short presentations and collaborative discussions, providing valuable insights and practical strategies that members can apply to both their business and personal life.

3. Accountability – Goal Setting and Teamwork Achieving goals is easier with a team. SBS Mastermind emphasizes setting attainable goals and maintaining accountability.
In the first meeting, each member will outline their long-term goals and establish the short-term steps needed to reach them. The group will share their progress during bi-monthly meetings to ensure everyone stays focused and motivated by offering support and encouragement.

Monthly Focus Topics:

  • June: Master Your Mastermind: Set Your Goals and Be Ready To Achieve Them
  • July: Mental Overload: Clear the Mental Overload Fog and Boost Productivity
  • August: Social Media Freedom: Schedule All Final Content for 2024
  • September: Finances and Budgeting: Make Your Money Work for You
  • October: Work-Life Balance: Fulfill Your Life While Running a Business
  • November: Benefits: Select the Best Health Benefits for You and Your Family
  • December: Celebrate Your Wins: Review Your Achievements
Monthly Focus Topics: to enhance skills and knowledge on a professional and personal level

What is the cost to join?

The group is free for SBS and La Femme Institute members. There is a $5 donation for any non-members.

Why Join SBS Mastermind?

The idea behind SBS Mastermind is simple yet powerful: by coming together, members can achieve more than they ever could alone. This initiative is about driving each other to reach the highest levels of success, both personally and professionally. For those ready to share ideas, elevate their skills, and gain the support needed to thrive, SBS Mastermind is the perfect place.

Ready to embark on a journey of growth and empowerment? Join the SMS Mastermind by clicking on the “register” button below!

What is La Femme Institute?

La Femme Institute is a non-profit community center for women and girls located in Palm Harbor, Florida. They offer educational resources in technology and the arts, promote self-expression, and provide a community centered on inclusivity. To learn more about their resources and upcoming events visit their website at The SBS Mastermind is so grateful to La Femme Institute for their hospitality.

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