Introducing the Maternity Portrait Experience

The Maternity Portrait Experience is coming to Palm Harbor, Florida this summer. This is a maternity portrait session that combines the art of photography with the pampering delights of a soothing massage, hair and make up, and more. The goal is to take you on a relaxing half-day journey of self-care and celebration. If this sounds interesting to you, keep reading!

A Pampered Maternity Portrait Experience

The Maternity Portrait Experience was been designed with you in mind. The purpose is to create a dream photo session that allows each mama to relax, feel beautiful, and to think of absolutely nothing. Let’s say that last part one more time: to think of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. This is literally one of those opportunities where everything will be waiting for you. Just roll out of bed and come on over to get pampered. How refreshing does that sound? Here is a breakdown of the three main services included in the experience:

Pre-Natal Massage

Your day will begin with a rejuvenating prenatal massage with our massage therapist, Caity. This will be your opportunity to lay back, relax and alleviate any tension or stress.

Hair and Make Up

Your next step will be with our amazing make up artist, Ashley. You will receive a soft glam look to enhance your already beautiful features, so that you can look and feel like the queen that you are for your portrait session!

Photo Shoot

Now that you are in a state of complete relaxation and beauty, it’s time to capture the magic on camera for your maternity photo session! You will have 90 minutes with Anna, our photographer, who will guide you through each pose. You will have full control in regards to calling time outs anytime you need a moment to sit, relax, or to have a snack. Don’t know what to wear? No problem! A variety of maternity dresses and bodysuits will be available for you to wear during your session!

Maternity Photos You Will Love

So, what is included as far as photos? Let’s dig deeper on the photo shoot side of the event. After your session you will schedule your reveal and ordering appointment. This is when you will get a chance to see your gallery and submit your final photo order. The package includes a beautiful trifold, which is a tangible piece that displays three of your favorite images from the session. This is an alternative to just receiving digital files that eventually get lost in the digital world. But don’t worry, you do still get digital copies of the three images! During your reveal and ordering appointment you will have the opportunity to add on additional photos in either digital or printed format.

Trifold display Included in the package

A Dream Maternity Portrait Session

The priority is to make sure this is your dream maternity portrait experience. What kind of dream would this be if food wasn’t included? Lunch and snacks will be available for you throughout your stay.

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