Headshots vs Branding Sessions

Understanding The Difference Between Headshots vs Branding Photo Sessions

When it comes to updating your professional business photo, there are two options available: headshots and branding sessions. While their overall idea may seem similar, they actually represent two distinct approaches with unique purposes. Don’t know the difference between the two? Keep reading this blog post as we will delve into each session type, explaining when you may need one over the other.

Headshots: A Professional Impact

Example of a headshot photo

Headshots are the most traditional style of professional representation. Typically, these are closely cropped images that prominently show the face, including the head and shoulders. The goal is to conveying a sense of professionalism, competence, and approachability. This style of photography is perfect for corporate environments, portfolios, resumes, and profiles such as social media and LinkedIn.

Headshot Sessions in a glimpse:

  1. Formal and polished images
  2. Focusing on your face
  3. These are shot on clean, non-distracting backdrops

Branding Sessions: Your Business in Action

Example of a branding photo

Branding photo sessions provide a way to tell your unique story. These sessions allow you to showcase your values and personality by photographing your products and services in creative ways. The goal is to connect with your target audience and allow them to get to know you and your process.

Branding Photo Session in a glimpse:

  1. Creative, in-action images
  2. Incorporate your services and products
  3. These can be shot in various locations including a studio backdrop, in your business, outdoors, the possibilities are endless!

How to choose between the two

When deciding between a headshot and a branding photo session, ask yourself what the photo will be used for:

Will this be your primary image to identify yourself in a polished, professional context? Are you submitting your photo to a corporate level employee database page where keeping a professional appearance is a must? Then headshots are the way to go.

Are you looking to show your business services or products? Are you wanting to show your personality and engage with your clients? Then a branding photo session is the way to go!

By thinking about your end goal, you will be able to determine what type of photography will best match your needs and brand.

How to Book Your Headshot or Branding Session

As a business owner, it’s important to ensure that the face you are posting is recent enough that it portraits your current self. So whether you go with a headshot or a branding session, make sure your clients are seeing the you from today and not the you from a photo you had done 10 years ago! Book your photo session with Anna Faiola Productions by visiting her website afpshoots.com.

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