How An Ultimate Santa Experience Will Change Your Family!

How An Ultimate Santa Experience Will Change Your Family!

If you’re looking for something different this year then an ultimate Santa Experience may just be your solution!

The concept of getting photos done with Santa has evolved through the years. There was a time when the only options were going to the mall or attending a town event where they had a booth for photos with Santa Claus.

Those events often consisted of waiting in line, sometimes for hours. This would result in making you and your child so frustrated and cranky that by the time they finally called your family up, it was uncertain what may or may not come.

So here you are, it’s finally your family’s turn, yay! Your child is now given just a few minutes (if not seconds) to let Santa know what they want for Christmas and then a quick click for a photo and that is it. You are done!

The result? Well, sometimes the photos were cute, sometimes they were funny, other times however you ended up with unusable photos.

There are multiple problems with this scenario. Problems that snowball into other programs. 1) Waiting in line is a huge waste of time, time that could have been used for literally anything else. 2) This snowballs in parents and children getting frustrate and bored. 3) Which then snowballs into children not being in a good mood 4) This then results into children not wanting to cooperate when it’s finally their turn because let’s face it, who would be a in a good mood after all that? 5) As a result you may end up walking away with photos you don’t even love, having caused an overall huge waste of time, all for nothing.

Some families simply won’t even attempt to wait in line because they know that this is just not a good fit for their child’s personality or health.

So what can you do?

Fortunately, a solution is available: A Magical Santa Experience!

A Santa Experience allows you and your family to just walk in at a specific appointment time in a private space, where there are no loud crowds watching over your shoulders. Your child can feel comfortable knowing Santa’s full attention is on them!

Imagine getting to sit back and relax, watching your child interact with Santa knowing that this special moment is getting captured for you in a beautiful, magical portrait. This is what an ultimate Santa Experience is all about!

How does that sound?

Book Your Santa Experience

This opportunity is available in two different states: Palm Harbor, Florida on Sat Nov 5 and Wake Forest, North Carolina on Sat Nov 19.

To learn more or to reserve your spot please visit

There are only a few spots left, so don’t wait until it’s too late!

An ultimate Santa Experience allows parents to relax as their children have an unforgettable time with Santa while magical portraits are coming to life.

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