Best Videographer Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay Best Videographer: Anna Faiola Productions

Tampa Bay Best Videographer: Anna Faiola Productions

It is with great honor that we announce that Anna Faiola Productions is the first place winner for Best Videographer in the Tampa Bay area for the 2022 Best of the Bay.

How It All Began

Tampa Bay Best Videographer

Anna Faiola started her journey as a videographer back in her middle school days. She had no idea how to film or edit, but she had a huge interest in figuring it all out.

At first all she had was one of those big camcorders with VHS-C tapes. However, digitizing those was not as easy back then, so editing was not possible.

Until a couple of years later, when technology evolved and her equipment received an upgrade: a laptop with an external webcam. A digital webcam meant she would be able to bring the footage into her computer and be able to edit it!! So she took this set up out in the field. The set up being, the bulky laptop with the external webcam. (If only we had pictures to share of her filming around town, holding a bulky laptop with a webcam in her hands. Haha!) She had no shame, after all she was on a mission and nothing was going to stop her.

She filmed anything and everything, anytime she possibly could.

Her very first video editing software came from Sam’s club, (back in the days of buying software in stores). Once she opened it, the clicking began, opening a world of opportunities. Buttons, menus, effects… She clicked everything just to see what each option would do. (This was before Youtube was a thing, so everything was just trial and error.)

With each new discovery her passion to learn grew stronger.

When she completed her first video she was SO proud that she decided to add her signature at the end. This was the first time she would write out the words Anna Faiola Productions.

Shortly after, Anna was approached unexpectedly with a request to create an event video as a paid job opportunity.

After that a second request came in. Then a third.

And just like that, BAM! Anna Faiola Productions officially became a business in the Tampa Bay Florida area.

This is also around the time when her equipment and editing software also received a (much needed) HUGE upgrade!

Where is Anna Faiola Productions Today?

Anna Faiola, photographer & videographer
Anna Faiola, photographer & videographer

Anna has now been running her production company for over 17 years. Something she had never even dreamed of!

After a couple of years of being only a video production company, Anna decided to also include portrait photography services as well. So today she offers both services to her clients.

In 2020, she expanded her coverage area and is now proudly serving both the Tampa, FL and the Raleigh, NC areas.

Anna is grateful of the community in Palm Harbor, Florida that supported her during the start of her career and that are still her active clients to this day.

She is also grateful for her family who supported her dream at such a young age, encouraging her to pursue this career. Especially her younger sister, who was her full time test subject during their childhood days!

Contact Anna for your next project

If you are looking for a video production company, look no further than Tampa Bay’s Best Videographer, Anna Faiola Productions.

Visit her website to learn more about her video productions services .

You may contact Anna by calling or texting 707-706-3711 or by emailing

Congratulations to all the other winner of the Best of the Bay!

View the official list of winners by visiting the Best of the Bay website.

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