Now Booking Magical Santa Photos in Palm Harbor, FL

Unwrapping the Magic:

Celebrate the spirit of Christmas with a Magical Santa Photo session. This special event is coming to Palm Harbor, Florida on Saturday, November 4, 2023. Three packages are available. Keep reading to learn more about each one and decide for yourself which option is best for your family!

The Santa Experience

The Santa Experience is our main event. This one is for those seeking a truly immersive and personalized encounter with Santa. This session goes beyond a quick photo opportunity. We have designed this special visit to be extra special, to allow your little ones to spend quality time with Santa. One on one, with no distractions. From searching for their name on Santa’s Nice List to sharing cookies, every moment has been carefully designed to create a lasting memory.

It all begins with an invitation letter. Your child will receive this personalized letter from Santa in the mail, building anticipation and excitement leading up to the big day. On the day of your child will feel special once again, when Santa will greet them by their name upon their arrival!

By the end of the visit many children walk away whispering to their parents “I think this was the REAL Santa!!!!”

The Santa Express

    The Santa Express is our second package. This one is for parents who many not necessarily need a full experience right now (maybe your child is too young to fully enjoy it) but still want to capture a magical Santa portrait. Similar to the Experience, this option will allow your child to have quality time with Santa in a private and relaxed setting, without distractions from crowds. Greeted by name and invited to partake in fun activities like sharing cookies, this package will capture the wonder in your child’s eyes as they interact with Santa Claus!

    The Santa Explain

    We have been approached by many adults over the years, asking if they could book their own Santa photo session. You asked, we listened. Dear Santa, I can Explain… this is the theme for our third package designed exclusively for all the Santa-loving grownups! You have ended up on the Naughty List and Santa wants an Explanation!! Whether you’re looking for an hilarious or epic Christmas photo for your card this year – if you’re as obsessed with Christmas as we are, this is the session for you!!

    Enjoy the session by yourself or share it with a significant other, your bestie, your sibling, or even a co-worked.

    Note: This option is reserved for grown-ups only.

    Heirloom Christmas Photos

    Our goal is to create heirloom quality Christmas photos that will become an icon for your family, for generations to come. While we do offer digital files, our specialty is bringing your photos to life in tangible ways. From our signature Santa Storybook, a unique keepsake featuring an original poem starring your child and a Santa, to wall decor and fine art prints.

    Limited spots are available. If you have any questions, contact Anna at

    The Magical Santa Photos event is more than a photo session; it’s a journey into a Santa’s world of wonder and excitement that your child will remember for a lifetime. Book your preferred package now to unwrap the magic of Santa!

    For full details including pricing and booking, please visit

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