Headshots and Branding Photo Session

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Make a powerful first impression with photos that convey your professionalism and quality of service

headshot photography of a professional business man in tampa florida wearing a suit on a white background

Headshots Photo Sessions

These focus on your face, perfect for things such as a profile photo for your website directory or LinkedIn. Typically these are done with a studio backdrop for a traditional feel or outdoors for a lifestyle feel.

Branding Photos Sessions

These focus on your brand in action to show your clients who you are with personable and fun images! These can be done in studio, in your business, or outdoors.

Two Photo Packages Available

Full Sessions

A Personalized Experience

We help plan your session, from what to wear to setting up your make-up appointment. Full sessions are custom and can last from 45 minutes to a full day! This will depend on your vision, how many looks you’d like to get in, and the overall goal for the photos. Immediately after the session you will review your images and make your final selections, which means you won’t have to wait days/weeks before you get to see your images!

Starting at $650

Petite Sessions

An Express Experience

Petite sessions are 30 minutes long. Immediately after the session, you will get to review your images and make your final selections on the spot, so you won’t have to wait days/weeks before you get to see your images! In a time crunch? Squeeze this appointment in during your lunch break, if needed! Petite Sessions are efficient and quick – two words we all love in our fast-paced, busy, professional world!

Starting at $350

Headshot branding photo in tampa bay

When should you update your professional headshot?

If it’s been a couple of years or if you no longer look like your headshot, then it’s probably time to schedule a session. Having a fresh and current headshot helps to build trust and credibility, two essential pieces to building a strong foundation for your prospective clients.

When is the next Petite Session?

View the upcoming availability and schedule your Petite Session in just a few clicks!

We make your headshot and branding session as simple as possible

  • Assistance with outfit picking
  • Hair and make-up artist can be arranged for you
  • Option to see your photos as we are taking them. Being able to see the images as we go allows us to make any adjustments as needed. By doing so you can walk away knowing we have captured exactly what you were looking for!

Whether it’s a studio, outdoor, or on-location shoot, together we will plan a session that best represents you and your brand.

What Is a Branding Session and Why Do You Need One?

Branding sessions are the modern version of your average headshot. These professional photos can be used for marketing purposes to promote a personal brand, a commercial brand, a service, or product.

If creating a personal connection with your clients is important to you, then you need a branding session. If making a powerful first impression is important to you, then you need a branding session. If you want to stand out from your competition and show why personally doing business with you is a unique experience, then you need a branding session.